National Littmann Stethoscope & Equipment Fundraising Program!

Great 5% Fundraiser on all equipment purchased!

We are pleased to announce that we are continuing our Group Purchase and Fundraising Program. We would like to give your faculty and students the opportunity to purchase high quality 3MÔ LittmannÒ Stethoscopes and all your clinical equipment at excellent discounted pricing. Through this Group Purchase and Fundraising Program you are able to purchase Littmann stethoscopes and clinical equipment at discounted prices as a fundraising opportunity for your student organization.


We appreciate the importance of student leadership and know that without faculty and student participation, equipment sales would not be successful. For this reason, we have provided faculty and student sale coordinators with a new incentive program. 


Program Details

· 20% Below Retail Pricing and a 5% Fundraiser

· 5% of the total order will be reimbursed to your organization from Standris Medical Supply®, Inc.

· Promotional Offer - Earn (1) credit for every (10) Littmann stethoscopes purchased. There is no limit on the number of Littmann stethoscopes that can be purchased through this promotion!

· Free Littmann® Merchandise for your organization: 

o Purchase 10 Littmann® stethoscopes, receive  (1) credit towards a free Littmann® stethoscope and a 5% fundraiser.      

o Purchase as many Littmann stethoscopes as possible through this program and earn unlimited credits towards free Littmann® stethoscopes and a 5% fundraiser (Electronic, Daily Deals and Littmann Bargain stethoscopes are excluded in this 5% fundraiser but will count towards your free stethoscope credits.)

o Example: Purchase 50 Littmann stethoscopes receive (5) credits. Redeem these 5 credits for 5 Classic III’s and a 5% fundraiser or redeem 5 credits for 2 Cardiology stethoscopes of any type and 1 Classic III and a 5% Fundraiser.

· Coordinator’s Responsibilities The only responsibility that you have is to market the program and to deliver the stethoscopes and equipment to your colleagues. We will deliver all orders in less than two weeks. There are no shipping charges for group orders of 15 or more stethoscopes going to one address. Keep the free stethoscope or raffle it off to further increase fundraising dollars. There is no minimum order quantity necessary to receive the discounted pricing.


If you choose to participate in the National Littmann® Group Purchase Fund-raising Program, we will send you a customized Group Sample Kit with samples of the entire Littmann® stethoscope product line, any clinical equipment the students are required to have, order forms, and price sheets for you to display, to help in promoting your sale. Please notify us at least 2 weeks in advance of your sale date for the sample kit!

5 Easy Steps to a Successful Group Sale or Fundraiser

  1. CALL US: Immediately contact Standris at 1-800-297-4721 if you are interested in coordinating a group sale. If you have any questions that are not answered here we will be able to help you directly by phone.

  2. SET A DATE: The timing of your sale is very important. Most nursing programs will have a sale each semester. It is best to choose a date that most of the classes will be on campus. We also recommend that you do not wait to the very end of the semester when students and faculty are focusing on exams.

  3. DETERMINE A LOCATION: Choose a location that is convenient for students and faculty to access. In many cases nursing organizations are able to arrange to have a demonstration and sale in the local or adjoining hospital. Your organization will have the opportunity to provide a great service to hospital employees, while increasing your fundraiser potential.

  4. ADVERTISE: The most important component of a successful sale is advertising. The most effective time for advertising is the time two weeks prior to the sale. Standris has posters and flyers available for advertising in your school or hospital. We also suggest that you inform faculty and make announcements during scheduled class sessions. If you are coordinating the sale for entering students a price list and letter should be sent to the students prior to entering school. This will let them know that you will be providing their equipment at discount prices and prevent students from making purchases prior to your sale.

  5. SALE DAY: In many cases, a representative from Standris will be able to demonstrate the equipment on the day of the sale. If we are not able to attend the sale we will provide you with a GROUP SALE KIT. This kit will have sample products for you to demonstrate to students or other prospective customers.