There are many factors that contribute to acoustic response, such as a complete seal from the point of auscultation to the stethoscope user's ear canal.

Our laboratory results do not include factors like ambient noise, motion artifact, and ear canal seal. Because of these variables and differences in each individual's hearing ability, we recommend trying different stethoscope models before purchasing.

Stethoscope Basics

Techniques: Learn how to get the best acoustical performance from your stethoscope.

History of Stethoscopes: Learn the history of one of the most valuable diagnostic instructions in the history of medicine.

Stethoscope Anatomy: Dissect one of our most popular stethoscopes and learn the significance of each piece.

Short vs. Long Tubing: Determine the tubing length that is right for you.

Differences in Acoustics: Discover what variables contribute to acoustical response.